209 Flying High

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Recently, 6 cadets from 209 (West Bridgford) Squadron joined together with cadets from 138 (1st Nottingham), 504 (West Nottingham) and 2425 (Nottingham Airport) to go flying at RAF Cranwell.


After our safety video, the first lot of flyers took to the sky. Although the weather wasn’t too bad it was unfortunately, a little cloudy, which meant we couldn’t do aerobatics, however we all still got the wonderful chance fly.




I had the opportunity to study the map and navigate from one city to another while the pilot ‘sat back and watched’ – it’s such a great experience and anybody who’s not been before should definitely get their names down!




Cadet Hasnain Kapasi, who was a first time flyer said “my first time flying was the most incredible experience of my life! To be able to take control of an aircraft, which is something I never thought I’d do! The pilot that took me up into the sky was the nicest and greatest person I have ever met. To see England far below my feet so clearly was just amazing! I would encourage everyone to go flying as it was certainly, the most fantastic experience ever!”