Fieldcraft, Military Skills and Tactics in the Region

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This week saw our Squadron Commander supervise and teach on a blank firing and pyrotechnics exercise with Cadet observers under his secondary position as an instructor on the Central & East Small Arms Training Team.

Last month OC209 qualified a number of staff from Warwick and Birmingham Wing Shooting and Fieldcraft Training Team (WABSAFT) as exercise assistants, allowing them to act as the equivalent of safety supervisors that we are used to on ranges [look here]. This then enabled WABSAFT to enhance their fieldcraft training by advancing Cadets onto learning the Six Section Battle Drills, including a demonstration run by those WABSAFT staff. This was a first within the Region, as military skills and tactics are a new addition to our syllabus.

Not only was the Cadets and Staff morale high after such an exciting demonstration, they are all hopeful that they will be able to progress onto this exciting new training on a more advanced camp next year.

I, too, am delighted to hear that the exercise was so successful. I am equally buoyed to learn that there are plans for next year that involve building on the skills learned/observed during this.
In the same vein it is wonderful to hear that cadet and staff morale was judged to be at the upper end of the scale. When that happens it makes me smile, simply because we are getting it right and folk are having a good time. Please pass my personal thanks to the staff that made it happen. – Gp Capt Gorman – Exercise Director

It is reassuring to see the effort produced an enjoyable and safe activity. – Sqn Ld Fox – Senior Planning Officer

Well done to all of WABSAFT for a highly professional, safe and exciting camp. This is an exemplary way of combining two of the thirteen Air Cadet Core activities into training the Cadets and Staff can be proud of.

Flt Lt Howroyd
Central & East Small Arms Training Team